Petition 122TCH-04PB

If approved this increases the number of unrelated persons that are allowed as a single family from 3 to 4 .

The City Commission will vote to approve or deny this petition on August 9th. The Plan Board recommends the City Commission deny the petition. City Planning and Development staff also recommend the City Commission deny the petition.

The petition was initiated by Mr. Robert Pearce who owns a 4-bedroom rental house and wishes to rent it to 4 unrelated persons. Under current city ordinance, no more than 3 unrelated persons may rent a single family home/dwelling. Mr. Pearce is also the chairperson of the Plan Board.

The full city staff report is available here .

A map of the RC zoned properties that would be most effected if this petition is available here. This change could effect all single family zoned areas; not just those zoned RC (Residential conservation). The City attorney wrote the following caution to the city commissioners and mayor on January 12: "Prior to making any revisions to the landlord permit ordinance, we would advise the commission to consider the effect of the amendment on the ordinance and the community as a whole."

The acutal language change that would be made to the city's definition of singe family is available here.

It is very important that the entire commission hear loudly and clearly from neighborhoods and neighborhood residents that any increase in the number of unrelated persons that constitute a single family for the purpose of zoning and landlord licensing is unacceptable and undermines the efforts to stabilize our neighborhoods as single family neighborhoods where families can live, raise children, and find affordable family home ownership.

The Sugarfoot, Golfview, and South Black Acres Neighborhood Associations have voted in opposition to the increase and voted to authorize the Council of University Neighborhood Associations to also oppose any increase in the number of unrelated persons. The University Park Association is in the process of holding a board vote to oppose any increase as well.

Please do your part by taking a few minutes to contact the commission about petition 122TCH-04 and ask them to deny it on August 9th. Let them know that increasing the number of unrelated persons undermines the viability and quality of life of our single family neighborhoods.

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